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Pregnancy & Post Natal

Osteopathy in Pregnancy

During pregnancy enormous physical, chemical and emotional changes take place over a relatively short period of time. The body has to get used to carrying up to 20lb/10kg of baby, waters and placenta, which can impose great physical strain on the body. In order for the pregnant body to adapt to all these changes it has to find new ways to walk, sit and sleep resulting with new
aches and pains arising.

Osteopathic treatment can help the body adjust to these changes more easily, making the pregnancy more comfortable.

Your Osteopath can:

  • Help prepare the way for a more trouble free childbirth, by improving flexibility in the pelvis and abdomen
  • Provide advice on breathing techniques, stretches and exercise you can do to maintain your health and wellbeing throughout your pregnancy
  • Help the mother to recover after birth

The treatment is gentle and safe and can be administered in almost any position you find comfortable. Advice from your osteopath can help you to change your posture and learn to use your body correctly through pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage

During pregnancy the body goes through a number of changes including shifts in posture to accommodate increasing pregnancy weight. These can lead to back, neck and shoulder aches which can benefit from massage. Regular massage during pregnancy can also reduce stress and promote relaxation that may aid more restful sleep. Pregnant and post-natal clients are treated in reclined and side lying positions taking care to keep the client comfortable and supported during the treatment session. Massage is not recommended in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but can then be enjoyed right up until your due date.

During the post-natal period massage will encourage increased blood and lymph flow to areas of healing and provides the new Mum with some precious ‘me time’ at a demanding life-phase.


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