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Infant Osteopathy

What is paediatric osteopathy?

Paediatric osteopathy is osteopathy for infants. Depending on where the baby was sitting during pregnancy or what the delivery was like, whether it was a natural birth or a caesarian, whether it was elective or an emergency procedure, all of these things can have an effect on the mechanics of your child’s spine.

What are the benefits?

Infants respond to treatment a lot quicker than grown-ups. Paediatric osteopathy may help with problems ranging from reflux and colic to sleeplessness and changes in head shape. It positively affects both the parents and the child’s wellbeing.

How does it work?

In paediatric osteopathy we check to see if the bones and the skull move well. It can range from rhythmical treatments to very gentle stretches. There is minimal movement and the forces involved are absolutely tiny.  We check that everything is ok in the spine, and encouraging that passive range of motions.

In paediatric osteopathy you will generally have problems that haven’t been there very long and they will tend to recover quickly. Osteopathy can be used on a recurrent basis to help improve health as children grow up and learn to walk and run, in case they develop any imbalances, which the osteopath can then address.


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Typical cost of treatments




Initial consultation & treatment£65.0060 mins
Follow on treatments£55.0040 mins
Home visit* £100.0040 mins

*Within 5 mile radius – additional charge maybe required beyond this

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